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Smart Phases (DBA Novacab) and its founder are referenced by Ethical Corporation Magazine

Novacab (Smart Phases) and its founder are referenced in a the July 2019 Edition of the Ethical Corporation Magazine (in 2 articles):

1) Tech for good: Can fourth-gen technologies put business on a safer emissions flightpath?

The July issue of Ethical Corporation looks at how companies are using technologies like AI and blockchain to cut GHG emissions in transport and energy and improve conditions for workers in commodity supply chains.

2) Can AI light the way to smarter energy use?

The author, Angeli Mehta PhD Mehta looks at how companies such as Verv, DeepMind, Vigilent, Novacab inc. and NNERGIX are employing machine learning to help them rise to the climate challenge.

"Intelligent energy storage is also going to be critical for building the electricity grids of the future, says Stephane Bilodeau, chairman of Canadian firm Novacab.

The technology firm has developed hybrid energy storage systems, which generate electricity from heat and store it for when it's needed."

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